It all started when…

We simply fell in love with making our own homemade Kefir. It is an amazing and fun journey sourcing original healthy foods going back hundreds and even thousands of years as part of restoring our connection with mother earth. Ancient and traditional ingredients are even more relevant today in ensuring optimal health, and we look forward to sharing our fermented traditional products filled with nutritious pro-biotic cultures nurturing and restoring balance and well-being inside out.

There is a saying that beauty comes from within, and there is now scientific proof that we ‘become what we eat’. Kefir survived for so long due to the drink’s “mystic healing powers.” We now have the science to support those myths praising the power of good bacteria.

We are inviting you on a journey to discover an ancient wisdom known and treasured by civilisations around the world. Our Kefir is home-made and locally produced in South East London.