Welcome to Gaia’s Kitchen

Gaia’s Kitchen provide dairy alternatives for anyone who omits dairy products from their diet. Our products are also suitable for vegans, we use only plant based ingredients and refrain from using artificial additives, preservatives, anti-caking agents and ingredients containing gluten.

Our vegan cheese sauce mixes are packaged in high quality heat sealed  pouches allowing for a maximum shelf life. Each pouch contains four 1 cup portions, you just add a milk of your choice (we prefer either soya or almond), a little oil and whisk gently over a medium heat until thickened and glossy. Our sauces are perfect for a Mac n cheese, a topping for Lasagna or, with the addition of fresh herbs, a lovely sauce to pour over steamed vegetables and grains.

Our sauces are sold via our website shop, just click on the link above if you wish to order. We also accept wholesale orders, if your interested in stocking our products please contact Phil at enquiries@gaiaskitchen.co.uk.

You’ll also find Gaia’s Kitchen at numerous vegan and vegetarian events up and down the country, we love nothing more than traveling around the UK, meeting you all and gaining valuable feedback. For further information please visit our events page or the facebook link above.