West Yorkshire Vegan Festival

Promotion, this is what I was reminded myself as I left the house at 4.45am and ventured into the damp night. Ahead of me, a three hour + journey from Norfolk to Dewsbury in the hope that my efforts would be rewarded. At 8am I arrived at Dewsbury Town Hall, the weather was grey but the building looked impressive, I started to unload and searched for a coffee.

After setting up my table I decided to have a walkabouts, I was surprised at just how small the town was and started considering whether footfall would be light. Unfortunately I was right, even though people were expected to travel from Leeds, Sheffield and Huddersfield numbers were low and so were sales.

On a plus note I met some really lovely people, secured a wholesale order, sold some stock and met the Farplace team, they were warm, friendly and had the most lovely Geordie accents.

And as I travelled home the heavens opened again, not the best of days for Gaia’s Kitchen ¬†but at least¬†Farplace Animal Rescue got plenty of support and Desbury got its first vegan fair.

Next stop…..Portsmouth….footfall is expected to reach 7000!