Nuneaton Vegan Fair

The Nuneaton Vegan Fair was put together in just three weeks, when the doors opened over a thousand people walked in and by midday it was so rammed that you could hardly move. My hat goes off to Kevin and the Midlands Vegan Campaign for putting this event together and managing the promotion so professionally, you really outdid yourselves and have set a new benchmark for others to follow.

But lets rewind here a little….its January, its cold, its wet and people are financially poorer after Christmas. When I first noticed the event online I considered not attending. I questioned whether the 100 mile drive was worth the risk and whether I’d sell any produce. Thankfully I was very very wrong and after meeting Kevin I can see why, this man means business, he doesn’t do things by half measures and certainly knows how to rally up the crowds.



And how did we do? Well pretty well thank you! All in all we had a great day and it was lovely being back in the Midlands. The people here are so friendly and open, I was chatting so much that by 4pm my throat was as dry as Gandhi’s flipflop!

1st Event promoting our new sauce mix

Also sales were high, we sold over 100 pouches and have started to receive repeat online orders from those who purchased at the fair. All I can add really is big thank you to everyone who came along, tried our new product and supported the Midlands Vegan Campaign.

And if you missed us at Nuneaton you’ll find us back in the Midlands at the Walsall Vegan Fair on February 18th, further details on our events page.